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Students & Teaching

Regular classroom teaching: Basic and Advanced Immunology courses for M.Sc. and M.Phil. / Ph.D. students since 1985.

Ph.D. Students:

Dr.Apurva Sarin(May 1989)Interleukin-2Induced Activation of MHC Non-restricted Killer Lymphocytes in Rat System.
Dr. Uday Kumar(May 1990)Characterization of specific antibodies and immune complexes in the sera of tuberculosis patients.
Dr. Anila Prabhu(Jan 1993)Modulation of Immune Reactivity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens by chemical and Enzymatic Modifications.
Dr. Valsala Haridas(Feb 1995)Role of Major Histocompatibility Antigens in Determining the Susceptibility of Tumor Target Cells to Lymphokine Activated Killer Cells.
Dr. Niti Puri(July 1996)Purification and Characterization of Two Novel Cytokines Released by Activated Mouse Spleen Cells.
Dr. B. Chandrasekhar(Feb 1998)Homeostatic erythrocidal mechanisms in primary and secondary lymphoid organs.
Dr. Aparna Raval(June 1998)Purification of a novel human cytokine which augments class I MHC expression on tumor cells and comparison of its mechanism of action with gamma interferon.
Dr. Sohita Dhillon(April 1999)Modulation of interleukin-2 activation of natural killer cells by tumor cells and tumor derived factors.
Dr. Vidita Choudhry(Feb 2001)Analysis of antigens secreted by M. tuberculosis and their detection in body fluids of tuberculosis patients.
Dr. S. M. Siddiqui(Dec 2001)Immune response to culture filtrate proteins of some contemporary Indian clinical isolates of M. tuberculosis.
Dr. Shamik Ghosh(Nov 2002)Modulation of macrophage function due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
Dr. Asmita Das(Nov 2003)Modulation of NK activation by interaction with tumor target cells.
Dr. Tuhina Gupta(Feb 2006)Localized immune responses in lungs of mice intratracheally infected with BCG (Bacillus Calmatte-Guerin): Modulation by air borne fine particulate matter.
Dr. Sanjay Khandelwal(Nov 2007)Turnover of circulating murine erythrocytes: Role of CD47 and CD147 expression and phosphatidylserine asymmetry in cell membrane.
Dr. Mandavi Kumari(April 2011)Role of lung epithelial cells and alveolar macrophages in eliciting immune response to BCG and LPS and the modulator effect of crystalline silica particles.
Dr. Nitin Bharadwaj(Feb 2013)Mechanism of modulation of erythropoiesis and erythrocyte turnover in mice in response to oxidative stress induced by the herbicide paraquat.
Dr. Sumedha Sachar(March 2013)Interaction of Carbon nanotubes and their chemically derived forms with murine erythroid and lymphoid della in vitro and in vivo.
Mr. Anwar Alam(December 2014)Modulation of certain parameters of acquired and natural immune system by poly-dispersed single walled carbon nanotubes (Joint supervision).
Ms. Srioshi Chaterjee(August 2016)Modulation of erythropoietic activity and erythrocyte turnover pattern in mouse anemia induced by exposure to cadmium and anti-erythrocyte auto-antibodies.
Mr. Zagam A. Rizavi(April 2016)Alternative pathways of presentation of antigens from Mycobacterium bovis BCG in professional and non-professional antigen presenting cells and their modulation by carbon nanoparticles (Joint supervision)
Dr. Taru S. Dutt(September 2018)Uptake of carbon nanoparticles by resting and activated lymphocytes and its biological effects.
Ms. Deepika Bhardwaj(Working)Alteration in macrophage function following exposure to combinations of BCG, uric acid particles and carbon nano-particles
Ms. Sushree Behera(Working)Modulation of cellular adhesion and migration during wound healing by carbon nano-particles.
Mr. Babu Mia(Working)In vitro and in vivo modulation of hematopoiesis in mouse spleen and bone marrow by carbon nano-particles

M.Phil. Students:

Rajeev Ranjan(submitted July 2009)Modulation of turnover kinetics of mouse erythrocytes by some toxic metal ions.

M.Sc. Dissertations:

Mr. Mithilesh Mishra(1999)Solid-Phaseextraction of urinary proteins for use in Immunodiagnosis of Tuberculosis.
Mr. Deepak Sharma(2000)A study of interactions between tumor cells and erythrocytes.
Mr. Hemant Agrawal(2002) Preparation of molecular probes for TLR-2 and TLR-4 genes and their use in monitoring the expression of these receptors.
Ms. Sudha Kumari(2003)Appearance of T cells bearing receptors for IL-12 and IL-18 during early phase of inflammatory response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in mouse peritoneal cavity.
Ms. Shazia Khanam(2003)Effect of bacterial lipopolysaccharide on the expression of different toll like receptors on murine peritoneal cells.
Ms. Kriti Rakesh(2003)Modulation of B7.1 and Fas expression on RAW 264.7 mouse macrophage cell line by Residual oil fly ash.
Mr. Harshvardhan(2004)Survival of allogenic and xenogenic erythrocytes in mice.
Ms. Madhu(2009)Standardization for a novel technique to access tissue repair by using BrdU incorporation in vivo.
Mr. Mrinmoy Sarkar(2013)Studying the morphological changes of murine macrophage cell line in the presence of LPS.
Ms. Amena Khawari(2013)Biological effects of acid functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes on RAW cell line and erythrocytes.
Ms. Esfat M.S. Brishty(2013)Effect of paraquat mediated oxidateive stress on erythrocytes in vitro.
Mr. Yadav Adhikari(2014)Modulation of wound repair in vitro in mammalian cell monolayers by poly-dispersed single walled carbon nanotubes.
Ms. Deepika Bhardwaj(2014)Uptake and localization of poly-dispersed single walled carbon nanotubes in germinating Arabidopsis seeds and the resulting seedlings.
Ms. G. Sanjeevani(2015)Uptake of fluorescent tagged acid functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes (FAF-SWCNT) by resting and activated B and T cells.
Ms. Aakansha Ahlawat(2015)Effect of acid functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes (AF-SWCNT) on ionomycin induced degramulation of NK cells.
Mr. Babu Mia(2016)In vivo biotinylation of lymphoid populations in mouse bone marrow (Bangladesh) and spleen.
Ms. Aditi Dhawan(2016)Modulation of endotoxin activation of a macrophage cell line by carbon nano-particles.
Md. Unuse Ali(2017)Study of leukocyte turnover in vivo using the DIB technique (Bangladesh).
Mohammad Ahmad(2017)Mechanism of toxic effects of BCG on macrophages.