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Age dependent changes in CD147 expression on mouse erythrocytesPhagocytosis of nanodiamonds by lung epithelial cellsNanodiamonds uptake by lung epithelial cells


Literary Contributions

Besides being a teacher, researcher and educationist, Prof. Saxena is a poet also. He has published “Geeta Kavya Madhuri” that is a verse to verse translation of all 700 Sanskrit shlokas of Geeta into metered Hindi verses. His next book entitled “Baal-Geeta” is being published by Penguin Books and should soon be available. Baal-Geeta paraphrases and summarizes Geeta in form of a simple Hindi poem of 200 stanzas and is specially written for children and first time readers of Geeta.

Prof. Saxena runs a very popular website Geeta-kavita.com on Hindi literature, especially Hindi poetry. The website is a repository of famous Hindi poems along with notes on their essences. His own poems, articles and excerpts from “Geeta Kavya Madhuri” as well as “Baal-Geeta” are also available on this website.